Saturday, February 8, 2014

San Luis Shopping Center

 Listing San Luis Shopping Center

San Luis Shopping Center is a Super Walmart shadow-anchored strip center that was strategically developed to capture the retail marketshare of both the San Luis/Yuma regional trade area and the significant market share of the Mexican nationals that travel to San Luis on daily basis.

Walmart has continued to strategically develop super stores not only to gain market share in Yuma County, but to improve the strategic proximity to border. San Luis Shopping Center is located less than one mile from the US/Mexico border where roughly 15,000 vehicles and over 10,000 pedestrians cross daily into San Luis from Mexico.

The 176,000 SF Super Walmart was opened in San Luis in 2007 by a developer of Walmart shopping centers. The San Luis Shopping Center was constructed in 2008.

San Luis Shopping Center is an opportunity for an investor to acquire a recession-proven shopping center shadowed by an extremely busy Super Walmart with an ideal tenant roster for the market.

San Luis Shopping Center

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